We make CNG fuel line assemblies happen

If you are looking for custom CNG fuel line assemblies or components, you will get unparalleled engineering experience with the latest cutting edge technology to create solutions for even the most challenging CNG/LNG fuel line projects.

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Your Industry CNG Experts Are Ready, Are You?

You need to feel confident in your supplier of CNG parts and assemblies, and you need to know they can engineer the parts, come up with a workable design, manufacture and deliver a high quality product. From prototype to production, AFV has you covered. You need it done on time, to spec, and on (or even under) budget, and we can help make that happen, whenever you’re ready.


You Need More Than Just Parts—You Need A Solution Not just parts!

Stop running from one supplier to another and rest a little easier. Let us take care of everything from design to engineering to production. We’re not just one vendor in your CNG fuel assembly supply chain, we’re your entire CNG fuel assembly team. We arrange everything from concept to conclusion, and make sure it’s done on time and on budget. Wouldn’t life be easier if everything was this simple?

Working With an AFV Team Puts You In The Driver Seat

  • Receive technical input from our team of CNG fuel line experts.
  • Understand your costs and eliminate surprises with 3-D renderings of your concepts and the bills of materials already specified.
  • Reverse engineering from prototypes that are readily available.
  • Get all your fuel line assembly and subassembly components in one place – purchasing loves that.
  • Immediate answers to your questions. Just ask!

 Featured applications

OEMs : Quality Systems and History Come Standard

The AFV team of CNG experts come standard with years of automotive as well as CNG design, engineering and production know-how. Your CNG fuel line assembly project will feel right at home inside of our proven quality system that makes sure every component meets standards and certifications. Don’t take our word for it – come on over for a site tour and we’ll show you our process. With indisputable quality, seamless integration, precision measurements and decades of experience—we make sure your project is complete on time, every time.

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Retrofitters and Converters: 100% American Made CNG Fuel Assemblies

AFV understands that you need an assembly that takes you from in the box to installation, which is why we offer comprehensive systems ready for you to use today. We offer the lowest possible cost, for the highest possible quality, from parts to fully complete assemblies ready to take out of the box and install. AFV is an American owned and American produced company with the ability to keep your project on time with our state-of-the art equipment.

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Parts, Kits and Assemblies: Certified for Your CNG Fuel Line

Whether you’re looking for parts, kits, assemblies or any combination of the three, you’re guaranteed to find it at AFV. We maintain quality relationships with the most reliable CNG suppliers available. Stop searching the internet and asking your friends. You’ll find CNG fuel line assembly certified components and assemblies that will seamlessly integrate inside your CNG fuel line application — however, large or small they might be.

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Cars, Trucks and Fleets: Start Thinking CNG at 15,000 Miles Per Month

When your fleet hits 15,000 miles per month – it’s time to start looking at alternatives. CNG is the easiest, most cost effective way to free yourself from high and unstable gas prices. AFV can help you design and engineer the safest, most cost effective CNG fuel line for your fleet. AFV takes your project to a new level providing decades of experience and a personalized approach to your project. With one-on-one consulting and guidance, your project will continue to run on all cylinders from the conception to construction.

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” AFV has been around in the industry and understand the variations of the components — it’s probably more critical than the price. You can beat the price, but do you have the right thing. They helped us to understand what we’re looking for in this industry.”

Michael Stogner | Mainstay Alternatives

” I think the team at AFV has specific core values that they are going to produce a quality product. They are always equate that to what will happen with their customer, but I can tell you it goes far beyond that. At least in my experience with them. The AFV team is just committed to being associated with a quality product. “

Michael Battaglia | Innovator-in-Chief at CNG-ONE, LLC

“AFV consistently looks for every opportunity to make our product better, so beyond having a good launch experience, AFV is very helpful, and active in the continuous improvement process with us.”

Mark Handley | Chief Engineer Chassis and Powertrain at the Vehicle Production Group

“Their quality control is second to none.”

Fred Krist| Partner at CNG-ONE, LLC

“I found the AFV Team very RELIABLE: They Haven’t let us down”

Nathan Chandler| BAF Technologies

“Great full service supplier”

Brian Cottreau| Purchasing Lead, Westport

“AFV performs at a high level of quality and after the sale support.”

Bob Williams| Director of Operations, IMPCO Automotive

“AFV can help you with CNG projects, they are very helpful even if your knowledge as a customer is minimal.”

Scott Salisbury| Parts Supervisor, Buswest

“I just tell people to ‘Call these guys!’ “

Armando Ramirez| Sales Manager Alternative Fuel, Luxfer Gas Cylinders

“Very knowledgeable and I like that when I send an email – I really appreciate the timeliness of the response. I look at him as the ‘go-to- guy’ just call Doug.”

Pat Molony| Eco Dual

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